Dankoscope – Portable Microscope


  • Accurate visual inspection of product samples
  • Detect abnormalities
  • 2000x Magnification
  • Capture 12MP photos and videos

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Product description

The Dankoscope can be utilized in a variety of industry applications including dispensaries, laboratories and more. With the large 7inch LCD screen it’s now easier to:

  • check for pests
  • determine the best time to harvest
  • monitor growth & health
  • search for contaminants
  • inspecting soil samples
  • inspect seeds
  • inspect insect growth and hatching

Dispensaries use the Dankoscope for visual inspection and quality control of samples during the screening process, detecting abnormalities such as contamination, synthetics, adulteration, pests, or any other defects within the sample.

Product specs:

  • 2000x Magnification
  • 7 inch IPS HD Display
  • 12MP Resolution
  • Take photos and videos
  • Dual LED Light Source
  • Supports TF Card
  • Light source: 11pcs
  • Color: Black
  • Resolution: 4032*3024P
  • Focus range: 2-55mm
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year
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