Micro HPLC

  • Full spectrum lab analysis
  • Accurate 0,01% measurement
  • Test a variety of product samples
  • Easy to use

The world’s first Micro HPLC

The first easy-to-use, accurate and reliable HPLC for measuring 12 C-binoids in a wide variety of samples. This simple-to-use micro HPLC is suitable for use also by those without prior laboratory experience or science background.

HPLC = High Performance Liquid Chromatography
With this compact sized (46x23x27cm) HPLC, you will be able to do in-house-analyses without any prior knowledge about testing equipment. You will be able to analyze a variety of product samples, such as raw plant material, extracts, edibles and beverages. Accuracy of the HPLC is exceptional and you will be able to analyze your samples down to 0.01% for all 12 C-binoids and easily generate an official COA (Certificate of Analysis).

This HPLC device guarantees reliable performance and accurate results for many years. One year premium warranty included.

Intuitive HPLC software (included)
Peak Auto Detection (included)
Testing Methods (included)
Calibration Curves (included)
Calibration Log (included)
Sample Receiving Log (included)
Sample Preparation Protocols (included)
Customizable Reporting System (included)
Easy to follow instructions (included)

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microHPLC with temperature-controlled column compartment
150mm C18 column with guard column holder and cartridge
Accessories for installation and maintenance
Intuitive HPLC software
Peak Auto Detection
Proven, tested, and validated test methods
Calibration curves
Calibration log
Sample receiving log
Customer log
Maintenance log
Sample Preparation Protocols
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Customizable Reporting System (Managed in MS Excel)
Easy-to-follow Instructions
Technical Support

The starter kit contains everything you need to get going right away. There are 29 items in the starter kit (major items listed below).
Commercial calibration standards
315mL HPLC buffer
1L HPLC grade Methanol
1L HPLC grade Acetonitrile
1L HPLC grade Water
3x100mL HPLC mobile phase bottle
1x500mL HPLC mobile phase bottle
100uL Hamilton microsyringe
2.5mL Hamilton microsyringe
2x5mL calibrated volumetric pipette
15mL calibrated volumetric pipette
20mL calibrated volumetric pipette
100mL calibrated volumetric flask
100×1.8mL autosampler vials with PTFE/silicone cap
100x16mL glass vial for extraction
Precision digital analytical scale (0.001g accuracy)
Nitrile gloves, labels

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