Merlin400 is currently in pre -order. We expect to start shipping the new batch in February 2022. Limited supply!

Product description

Merlin400 is the world’s first automated kitchen appliance for flower extraction at home, allowing you to craft the full spectrum oil you prefer in your own kitchen.

Merlin400 can extract 20-40 grams of flower grind and finishes the extraction in 2-3 hours. The extraction contents are consistent from run to run, and you can create oil with the exact ratio of T% to C% that you prefer.

Key features: Programmable automated extraction, distillation under vacuum, optional decarboxylation of extract.
Extraction efficiency: Up to 95% from your plant material, depending on herb quality and extraction settings.
Extracts the plant’s full spectrum profile and retains it in the final product due to the gentle vacuum distillation of the solvent.

Dispensaries use the Dankoscope for visual inspection and quality control of samples during the screening process, detecting abnormalities such as contamination, synthetics, adulteration, pests, or any other defects within the sample.

Additional size information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 25 cm

Compatible material types:
Flower buds
Material with seeds
Industrial hemp flower
Blended industrial hemp

State after extraction: Non-decarboxylated – built-in optional decarboxylation program.

Distillation temperature: < 45 degrees Celcius ( < 113 degrees Fahrenheit )
Pressure during distillation: < 200 mbar

Starter kit contents

The Merlin400 starter kit includes everything you need to start creating oil right away:

1 Merlin400
1 liter pharma grade isopropanol
100g of 1,8% CBD Futura hemp
20 Custom Filters
1 Piston
1 Funnel
1 Herb Tube
1 Filter Holder
1 Tube Holder
1 Oil Glass
10 Glass beads
2 Valve Balls
1 60 ml Syringe
1 Power Cord
1 Manual

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