Cannalytic is part of Delta 9 Analytics. We aim to serve both consumers and professionals with seamless and limitless means of conducting tests and performing analysis. As a consumer analytics company, we aim to cater to the testing needs of everyone – in addition to providing the ultimate solution for mobile potency testing.

“Testing for everyone”

We strive to be on top of the market and the newest innovations make it easier for people and businesses to test their products for quality and safety.

Beyond offering a range of current and upcoming products, we aim to provide positive news, facts and education in the realm of flower, oils, extracts and the expanding medicinal space.

Cannalytic focuses primarily on consumer analytics. We bring easy-to-use tools for flower, oil and extract analysis to the community. We are proud to be the exclusive European distributor of powerful equipment such as the Purpl Pro. We strive to do our part and make sure there is adequate equipment available to empower consumers to test their products for quality and safety.

Stop Guessing, Start Testing!

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