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The Purpl PRO

For Fast, Reliable & Accurate Potency Testing

We are stepping in to serve growers and laboratories all over the world to ensure the consistent delivery of quality products. You can now turn your phone into a lab-accurate tester with FDA-endorsed technology in the palm of your hand!

Out of the legislated market’s need to accurately define the potency of each product prior to its consumption, arises the Purpl PRO.

purpl pro

Get Access to Fast, Reliable and Accurate Potency Testing Today. Stop Guessing, Start Testing. 

Seamlessly pair Purpl PRO with your iOS or Android phone

Download the free apps by clicking below.

Based on near-infrared spectroscopy, a technology originally developed for agricultural measurements 70 years ago and currently used in countless industries – the Purpl PRO aims to bring this well-proven approach to other industries.

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